About Ila



Born in Latina, on July 26,1978

Zodiac sign: Leo

Height: 1, 76

Weight: 65

Interests: Movies, patchwork, shipwrecks, ballet

Sports: swimming for 9 years, classical ballet for 10 years, tennis, skiing, sailing 

Degree: Conference Interpreter. Languages: English and Russian (University of Trieste)

My Sea: San Felice Circeo

My favourite Sea: the Sea of Siracusa, where I was trained for three years by Nuccio di Dato (the deep safety scuba diver of Enzo Maiorca)

My main sports results: palmares

About me


My mum Amalia is a marine biologist and a swimming instructor.

My dad Giuseppe is very fond of fishing and boats.

The day before I was born, my mum was swimming in the sea with my 10 year old sister and her friend, two young competitive swimmers and junior lifeguards.

As a toddler I was the mascot of a swimming team. My sister was a member of it, my mum was the trainer of that team and my dad was its chairman!

I discovered freediving at the age of 21. A few days after meeting Umberto Pelizzari, my friend, mentor and 17-time freediving world record holder, I dove with him to 25 meters. After that summer, I attended my first Apnea Academy course and began to compete.

In 2009, during the first Vertical Blue – an international competition at Dean's Blue Hole (202 meters), in the Bahamas –  after training for more than 10 days at depths ranging from 50 to 65 meters, I found out that I was pregnant and stopped competing (judges gave me a certificate of attendance with the maximum depth reached during the comp written on it and pronounced the following words: “the world’s deepest fetus!”).

I translated two books about freediving: “Breatheology” by Stig Severinsen and “Dry training for freediving” by U. Pelizzari, R. Chiozzotto, F. Mana.

In 2013, after a long break due to university studies and pregancy, I started training hard again and received the second place at the CMAS Italian Freediving Championship (outdoor competition) with the depth of -77 meters (close to the world record).

Since 2014 I am a member of the female national team again.

In 2014 I attempted a constant-weight-with-fins world record (-82 meters) and did not set it due to the strong current.

I also took part to the opening ceremony of the world’s deepest pool, Y-40, wearing a mermaid tail. I am now the mermaid and female testimonial of that pool. 

In August 2015, 10 years after my latest record, I set two new Italian records.