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    Ilaria Molinari
    Freediving italian multiple record holder
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    The first italian who had
    the honor of setting new records
    after the great Rossana Maiorca
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    Member of the first female
    freediving national team
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    Female testimonial and mermaid of Y-40,
    the world's deepest pool

Events and courses

17 December 2017

Nuota come una sirena, Montegrotto Terme, Y-40. 17 dicembre 2017

27 January 2018

Y-40, Montegrotto Terme (Padoa, Italy), February 4 and/or 5, 2016. Workshop on Deep Freediving

5 April 2016

Ilaria, mermaid in the tv show "Grand Hotel Chiambretti" on the Italian channel Canale5!

12 April 2016

Ilaria on the Italian tv program "Costume e Società", Rai2

11 December 2015

Ilaria on the Italian tv program "Geo", Rai3 channel

12 December 2015

Ilaria on the Italian tv program "Linea Blu", Rai1 channel

1 January 2017

Ilaria ospite a "La Settima Porta", Rete 4

Youtube videos

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